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Hear what happens when we join forces with partners who are just as passionate about coffee as we are.


“Not only does Ground Control® brew an amazing cup of coffee— we are blown away with the taste of its brewed cacao. There have been many attempts to brew a chocolate drink, but until now, we’ve never tasted one that did the chocolate justice.”

Todd Masonis, Dandelion Chocolate | San francisco, CA

“We prioritize innovation at our company, and love how Ground Control® has re-written the rules of coffee brewing. Ground Control® brews our coffees consistently and beautifully, bringing out the full flavor potential inherent in every bean.”

David Griswold, Founder and CEO | Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers

“Ground Control® allows for a great deal of control over the brewing process. We have the ability to accentuate unique flavor characteristics of a coffee by adjusting various brewing parameters. The proof is in the cup.”

Ted Stachura, Director of Coffee | Equator Coffees & Teas
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