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a company passionate about making coffee better than ever
Designed and Assembled in the USA

We are a coffee technology company that is breaking the boundaries of the coffee industry. We’ve created the world’s first immersion batch brewer, designed for exceptional quality and ease of use. Founded in San Francisco. Built in Oakland.

What We’re About

Our Quality

Raising the bar of batch brewed coffee with innovative brewing technology. Grow your cafe’s profit potential through increasing the value and quality of your batch brew program. Ground Control® enables your baristas to produce the cleanest, most nuanced and balanced cup of coffee available on the market.


Batch brew and pour-over is often inconsistent. We believe that coffee should be consistently excellent. This is why we built Ground Control®, an advanced brewing system that brings the highest level of coffee at scale consistently. Ground Control® empowers your baristas to consistently produce the sweetest, most balanced cup of coffee available.

Customer Experience

Create wonder in the eyes of your customers. Ground Control®’s gravity-defying brewing technology puts coffee into motion, offering bold new flavors and complex nuances, reinventing the coffee experience while creating a whole new class of beverages. This includes tea and cacao!

Educational Opportunities

Unlock your coffee’s potential to expand minds and educate palates. No matter where your customer is on their coffee journey, Ground Control® will be able to broaden their horizon and infuse wonder into their daily ritual.

Making headlines

“The Best New Products We Saw at Expo”

Making headlines

“Ground Control Cyclops Wins Best New Product (Commercial Equipment) at SCA Expo”

Making headlines

“Unveiling the Cyclops Single-Group Brewer”

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