Better than a pour-over, brewed by the batch
Social distancing | An unexpected shift in cAFe Culture

Social distancing is the new reality, and successful cafes are adopting innovative ways to elevate their take-out programs. Addressing social distancing needs for both customers and employees, Ground Control®  is NSF-certified and self-sanitizing. Ensure that your beverages are safe when it matters most.

Quality matters more than ever

In today's take-out culture, ensuring you are efficiently and consistently providing the best product possible is your path to a satisfied customer. Ground Control adopters experience as much as a 65% increase in the sale of their hot and cold coffee beverages, based on enhanced quality. 

Do more with less

Brew a wide variety of beverages, all with a single barista on one machine. Transform your take-out program with deliciously batch-brewed to-go growlers filled with iced lattes and 8-minute 'cold brew'.

 Ground Control® Can Help


Craft consistently superior beverages through award-winning extraction technology. Don’t just take our word for it though, read the praise.


Brew by the cup, by the gallon, or anywhere in between with ease.  Scale production based on demand, and produce ready-to-go cold brew, iced lattes, iced mochas and more in single-serve or bulk sizes.


Beautifully crafted hot filter coffee, cold-brew, tea, cacao & concentrates... all from a single machine. Explore ratios anywhere from 2:1 through 21:1 and beyond!


Use a workflow your team is already familiar with. Fulfill your creations to spec, at the push of a button.


“Not only does Ground Control® brew an amazing cup of coffee— we are blown away with the taste of its brewed cacao. There have been many attempts to brew a chocolate drink, but until now, we’ve never tasted one that did the chocolate justice.”

Todd Masonis, Dandelion Chocolate | San francisco, CA

“We prioritize innovation at our company, and love how Ground Control® has re-written the rules of coffee brewing. Ground Control® brews our coffees consistently and beautifully, bringing out the full flavor potential inherent in every bean.”

David Griswold, Founder and CEO | Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers

“Ground Control® allows for a great deal of control over the brewing process. We have the ability to accentuate unique flavor characteristics of a coffee by adjusting various brewing parameters. The proof is in the cup.”

Ted Stachura, Director of Coffee | Equator Coffees & Teas
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